Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Needs and Wants (In anticipation of a new love, whoever that may be..)

I want you to fall for me so hard, that you become scared to lose me. I want you to dwell in my existence; where a day without me would feel incomplete. I want you to fall as hard for me, as I’ll fall for you. I want you to remember me always, and I want you to chase after me when I push you away. I want you to pull me back when I’m trying to leave. I want to feel the reflexes of my own words. I want you to keep me grounded when I’ve done wrong. I want you to be relentless. I don’t want any constrictions in my chest, but the bones that shapes our interest. I want you to fall so hard for me, that you realize you’ve never even felt this way about someone before. And if I left, I would want every thing we ever shared to make you remember me. I want all the things we did, said, and never got to; to make you remember me by. I want to know you’ll fall so hard for me that if a song we shared came up on the radio; it would make you have this sudden sharp pain in your chest. And in those fleeting seconds, I hope you know how much you fell in love with me and how you can’t live without me. I hope then, you’ll come chasing after me. It’s selfish I know, but I want to be the only guy you have your eyes on. I want to be the only guy you actually fell for. I actually want to be the guy you end up with. I want to know you’ll fight for me.


  1. awwwww. eto pa ang naabutan ko dito. cheer up dude. :)

  2. ayoko muna ng emo..kaya ang greeting ko sa iyo e..


    and hmmm sexy ang profile pic ah! ehehhee :P

  3. Huwag ka na malungkot, andito na kami para paligayahin ka hahaha..WELCUM dude - at dahil ikaw ang 100th follower ko, nanalo ka! kunin mo sa akin ang premyo mo lol

  4. Makikita mo rin yan dude! Welcome to blogspace!

  5. oo nga - panalo ang profile pic. hindi ko kaya ang ganyang arch! hahaha

    hmmmm... your writing speaks of an interesting persona... hehe


  6. thanks sa pag follow ng aking munting blog.. follow na din kita..

    WELCOME nga pala sa mundo ng blog!!

  7. Thanks guys... this is actually my nth blog to date, hehehe. Hopefully pangangatawanan ko na to. Thanks again!


    Just wait for that some one :)

    Bawal EMO...

  9. This is so much true to everybody. What struck me is your self-acknowledgment of the selfishness in it, and that sets you apart from the rest.

    Pangatawanan mo na 'tong blog na 'to; this blog is too good to cease to exist. Welcome [back] to the blogosphere :)