Monday, November 1, 2010

Of Writing and Purpose

Just another unknown out of millions letting out everything i can't. I guess here is where everything that I'm so unsure of goes as well as anything I so happen to stumble upon. Just maelstrom of thoughts and emotions, a bit of mindless writing, and a dash of nonsensical feelings.

You’ll find poems, short stories, shorter stories, longer stories, articles and things I think are cool here. They will probably be dark, quirky and weird, and I think you’ll like it.

I decided to use this page as an introduction to my writings. I write about many different subjects. But all of those things, usually have to do with a feeling, or something happened recently, that I cannot get off my mind. Emotionality plays a big role on my virtual stage, I use things that I find saddening or happy to pull at a reader's eye, to draw them in, and not let them go. I also try to make my posts, or anything I write about, applicable to something in life. Love, relationships, forgiveness, regrets. All of these things find a place in my writing, they enter and exit as would a breeze, but they all manage to find their way on the front page, time and time again. I don’t know how much anyone cares about what I think, but I do like to write. So if someone does actually like this, thank you for reading, and keep reading. I will try and pique your curiosity on a daily basis, or as frequently as I can.


  1. Nice new blog to read. First time here.

  2. too late na yung welcome band na ipapadala ko sana but anyway...

    one word to describe your birth sa virtual world...


    and there goes my version of... "welkem!"

  3. And, truly, you're very good at "pulling at a reader's eye, drawing them in, and not letting them go." I'm very pleased you've come across my blog, because otherwise I might not have come across yours. Looking forward to your future entries.