Friday, November 19, 2010

Of Depression, Sickness And Morning Sex

There is just so much depression and bad luck that a person can take. For two nights last week, I literally tossed and turned in bed, making me lose sleep and grow these eyebags to humongously bloated sizes. Plus, I suffered from anxiety attacks wherein I almost felt like I was being haunted in broad daylight.

Fortunately, my luck has changed its course. (Whew.)

The start of the week, well, I thought I was doomed to another long and miserable workload wherein bitching and ranting will most probably reign and my "cussing" skill (can't get it out of my system), honed to it's best.

But sheer patience, determination, kapal-ng-mukha and a lot of prayers have made me cope with these problems. The top three need-to-do-badly's in my weekly task have now been struck out.

Sometimes life's good. Sometimes life's bad. And sometimes, I just don't know what it is.

But let me impart a gold nugget of wisdom I have gotten from this learning experience: IT WOULDN'T KILL YOU TO TRY.

Remember that.


I've caught something. *Ah-chooo!*


I hate having colds because of the stuffiness in my nose, making it hard to breathe through my nostrils and thus causing chapped lips because I have to breathe through my mouth or die from lack of oxygen (as if my brain hasn't suffered enough from oxygen depletion).

Having said that, it's also hard to eat because I can hardly chew, swallow and take in gulps of air all at the same time. Sigh, not being able to eat already makes me sad. 


I had sex for breakfast. Ang saya.

Nakamasid ako sa may bintana ng aking opisina na tanaw ang kahabaan ng Ayala Ave. habang nagdedeliryo sa laswa ng mga kaganapan.

I leave that to your imagination. =P


  1. hmm my imagination is caught between you doing it in your office early in the morning.. or you witnessing some morning action on the roofdeck of a condo along dela rosa st hahaha

    hey they say sex is a good temporarily relief for clogged nose and headache ;)

  2. amff..

    ur dick's being sucked while nakatanaw ka sa window ng opis mo! ahahah :P

    sarap lols!


  3. construction workers enjoying their "jack hammers".. :))

  4. ^lol @the chemistry guy.

    reminds me of this gay porn i used to like... Suite something-something... office setup mostly. lolz.

  5. I go for Sinangag Express. Makes sense *innocent eyes*

    Here goes your self-righteous bitch.