Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Of Physical Attractions and Intellectual Stimulations

A recent lengthy conversation with a good friend of mine had brought some questions to mind. Both of us often engage in long chats because we watch the same movies, like the same series and reality shows and meet at a certain level of commonality.
And that made me shift to my "love-doctor" mode and ask, would it be better to be physically attracted to a person of the opposite same sex or be intellectually compatible with him?
... and we're amazed by the fact that I'm not even thinkin' about SEX. gaaah!
He told me, "sure, if you get both, then DON'T LET HIM GO! But if you have to choose between the two, which one priority would outweigh the other?"

For certain, being physically attracted to a person can bring you goosebumps, cheesy smiles, touchy-feelies and all that butterflies whenever you're around him. But then, having that same intellectual wavelength can keep you entertained, fascinated and growing in knowledge even for hours and hours with just sitting, talking and sharing thoughts with that person.
If I were to choose between the two extremes, I honestly wouldn't know which one to choose either. Would I go for the trophy guy that I can parade to my friends or would I rather have someone to actually converse with during dinner?
Well, I could say it's not the outside but rather the inside, or what's "up there" that counts. But let's all cut the crap and admit it, even though we can claim that "LOOKS doesn't matter," it does...even to the littlest extent. (Who'd want to be with someone they can't even look at? Forgive that moment of harshness.)
I would end this entry to leave you with some brain candy to last you awhile, and get back to me with your thoughts, alright? As for me, well tonight just before drifting off to my own planet, I'll just have to pray to God and beg him to give me someone who'd fit right in between. *wink*


  1. Reality check Looks comes first kesa sa brain!

    nice post at least you're not some one na too superficial when it comes to looking for some one to LOVE... :)

  2. Someone that fits right in between. That's what we should all look for. I'm about to blog about the same thing. Maybe later :)

  3. Ang problema konti lang ang kagaya mo sa mundo na;
    - Goodlooking..very goodlooking.. mula ulo hanggang paa.. taas-baba-paikot ikot
    - Writes well.. no.. pretty well.. and with sense...lots of sense
    - Musically-inclined.. pang orchestra pa ang instrument
    - Appears to be makatas up-there and down-there hahaha

    Kaya goodluck to all of us who are in search of versions of you that’s destined for us hehehe

    - bob

  4. @bob: kamag-anak ba kita? hehe!