Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of Flirts and Sexual Temptations

Isn't it so hard to turn away from sexual temptations when it's already laid out in front you?

I can try to flee away from those that make me stumble. I can try to turn a blind eye on those that make me fall. But when it's there in front of me, winking and flirting at me and coaxing me with that nice grin, I just can't help but dumbly follow.

I'm sooo not doing well with self-control lately.
What a great thing to do on a weekday. Sheesh, I'm such a slut.

Where are you, Determination?

Hohumm... sinong free mamaya? (hehehe)



  1. haha mahirap yan.. sakit sa puson pag pinigilan :D

    dapat kang mag-pray anak. joke

  2. hahaha nice... naku wag ka dami pa naman dito sa makati ang makati LOL

    basta be safe...

  3. tao lang, nalilibugan din. yan ang dapat na motto ng mga taong kinakati :)

    enjoy your next encounter :)

  4. hehehe, it's normal, boy. Go for it!

  5. Regain that self-control and then you'll be fine :)