Saturday, November 13, 2010

Of A Random Flirt With A Fasfood Stranger

1 in the morning.

was too sleepy but feeling hungry. hauled myself to nearby fastfood.

got my food and sat across a fairly cute guy.

caught him looking at me. he smiled.

i picked up my food. sat next to him.

me: i don’t know if you’re one of those guys who need an excuse to sit with strangers but if you are, let’s agree on the medical fact that eating alone is bad for your stomach. or liver. or spleen. i really don’t know. but one of them should be right.

he turned beet-red and laughed self-consciously.

me: you don’t have to worry about me asking you for your number or where you live. i don’t have any intention of invading your life. i just want to sit next to somebody here and now. nothing more.

after a while we were talking animatedly. when he offered his number, i said no. it was more fun that way.

and i remember wondering why someone told me sometime ago that i come on too strong…


  1. relly eating ALONE sometimes bad for stomach, liver or spleen? worry na tuloy ako kasi i always eat alone :( LOL

    hahaha your too strong... Just thinking what the boy looks like when you refused to get his #... hmmmm

  2. but at least, you could have been friends after the exchanges of numbers.

    albeit, astig pa rin yun ginawa mo! :)

  3. that is one awesome semi-pick-up line!!!


  4. i know how this must've felt after you refused getting his 'gits... i meant for the other dude...

    imagine you're about to let loose a gazillion of jeez and your mom walked in on you. gawd! ang sakit sa bangs. hehehe

  5. Am i really that bad? hmmm... Sige na nga, the next time I see him pati puso ko ibibigay ko na. Kidd'. Hehehe!

  6. hahaha - kaloka!

    I can't imagine having the guts to start a convo that way!

    I envy you. haha

  7. hmmm ang taray! di kinuha ang number ng boylet... kung ako yun, sunggab ako. or ako lang yun dahil malandi ako?

    gusto mo kunin number ko? LOL chos!

  8. @bloiggster: hmmm... malandi ka talaga teh. hehehe.

  9. "and i remember wondering why someone told me sometime ago that i come on too strong"

    I forgot to comment about what I quoted from your post.

    I'd say you came on too strong from the get-go but was rather teasing mildly when he offered his number. If you ask me? I think you're a contradiction. LoLz.

  10. nice, random conversation then self-control :D

  11. Going back? Same time, same day? Just in case.

  12. that was fun...its rather more teasing and yet appealing scenario!