Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Notes and Octaves

I'm missin' my babies...

This is Mika, my comfort buddy when I'm down and lonely. He needs tuning now, I think.

And this is Louise, the ever so dependent french horn when I feel quirky and all that jazz...
(This picture was taken gazillion years back when I'm still in high school. Hence, the over-sized suit. hehe)

I'll play with 'em soon. I think it's about time to come home.


  1. I'm no self-righteous, but I'm a bitch. Can i blow your horn? I mean, Louise. I mean your instrument. I mean the brassy thing your holding. LOL

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but there are things I have to prioritize. Is 21 or 22 too old to learn?

  3. *cartwheel at Carrie's comment. LMAO

  4. i don't know whether to look at the instrument or the person playing it. :P

  5. @iurico, ako na ang pinakabalahurang commentor, di ba naman? LMAO

  6. Caridad: daig mo pa si mystica sa pgakabalahura. pwamis!

    Caloy: can i play with your Bb note?


  7. Nakikiusap ka nang dalisay at busilak nyan, db, Ternie? LOL

  8. nice pics and nice instruments. i truly admire musically inclined person. bata pa ako, gusto ko nang matutong mag play ng piano or violin, but didn't have the chance. i hope it's not too late for me to learn how to play maski isang musical instrument man lang. :)

  9. @ Carrie: You can play with my horn anytime. Hehehe! And whose Ternie? Sorry, my comprehension is quite a failure.

    @ Ryan: Like what they say, no one's too old for sex and booze, instruments pa kaya. I say go for it! Let me know if you will, then jamming tayo.

    @ Engel: You can look at both. Hehehe! Gawd, I'm so full of myself... ^_^

    @ Eternal Whisperer: Sure thing. Which of my babies though? Hehe.

    @ Vin: thanks! I was kinda forced to it at first since back then I was a weakling due to asthma, hence the piano lessons and other geek stuff. Yeah, it's not too late to learn. Just give it a try if you can.

  10. i don't care about the instruments, ummmm, i just want to play with the organ! bwahahhaha ...

    sexxxyyyy :P

    (nasan ba ako at ngayon lang ako napunta dito? eheheh :P)


  11. @Caloy: Ternie is Eternal Wanderer. Our lambasting names, este lambingan names. She calls me Caridad, I call her darling. Charot!

  12. kamuka mo si ryan bang. ahhaha

    kaw nang mahusay tumurotot. ahhaha

  13. @ Soltero: Wag ganun, baka pumayag ako. Hahaha! Kiddin...

    @ Carrie: That's sweet!

    @ mots: Sino si ryan bang? Sorry, I haven't watched free TV for the longest time. Hehe