Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of A Caffeine Addiction And Some Realizations

I just realized that you'll never really learn to appreciate a nice hot mug of steaming coffee unless you've been out long in the cold. I used to think that the idea of a hot meal or a hot drink is so cliche. I mean, food of course, would be better if served hot, unless it's ice cream. Thing is, it all seemed the same to me before. Until that morning. And I am wondering why and how, in the face of the whole cornucopia of things urgent and pragmatic stirring my life around, would this stand out to claim my awareness, like some pathetic and dismal version of stopping to smell the flowers.

I've had coffee every morning for most of my adult life. I get a headache if I don't get my caffeine fix. Now I'm seeing coffee in a different light. It used to be something I had to have so I could function properly in a 24-hour period. Now suddenly, I realize it can be a source of comfort and in the exact second when I found myself freezing cold and despondent for it, it was all the world for me.

I wonder if there's the slightest chance this could be done with people... I mean, see them in a different light. Or maybe, just as it happened to me and my coffee, we are left at the mercy of a spontaneous, unguarded moment that gives way to profundity.

Well, unfortunately now is not the time to dwell on it. Yet again, this champ falls victim to the tyranny of the urgent.

Some other time then... some other place...


  1. You will if you'd suspend disbelief. Another cup?

  2. you prolly need a good hot cup of coffee, a nice view, and a nice weather.. and of course the luxury of time in the world to stop and ponder upon people and the lives they live :)
    - bob

  3. coffee is such a mood stabilizer and yeah some people has that same effect. i have this someone i call and always makes up my day too. :D

  4. Sit with someone over a cup of coffee. Chances are you will :)