Thursday, January 26, 2012

Of Interruptions And Getting Back

My life got recently interrupted for a little over a year. I’m getting back on track, starting work again next week. It was a hard time though and the aftermath is a little daunting but nothing unmanageable. My life has been interrupted in so many ways before and this is just another one that goes into history, my history.

In a quiet moment during an afternoon walk yesterday, I pondered on this and thought, if not for the cancer, I probably would have just come off work and would either be catching up on sleep or stuffing whatever chores I could fit into the few hours before I crash. My life, as usual, right? Well not today. Because my life got interrupted, I am enjoying this walk with my sister, in this glorious day that God has made. And this walk was so nice we’ve made a pact to do it again, on weekends when I wasn’t working. In fact, we’ve got a date on the Sunday after this. From the trail is a little path that leads to the main street leading to the movie theater. We decided we’d walk it on Sunday, watch a movie and walk back. I’m really looking forward to that. And I have this to look forward to because my life got interrupted.

I guess it’s like when a branch of a tree breaks. Growth for that branch stops but where it broke, the tree will find new ways to grow, to be whole again.

And maybe that’s what it all boils down to, the lives we live. It’s all a struggle to be whole. And when life interrupts, it’s actually showing you the way.