Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of Broken Glass Slippers

Believe me when I say glass slippers aren’t for running. I didn’t and I kept running until the stupid things shattered beneath my feet. And, now, I’m walking barefoot. Just like a child selling flowers on the street. Glass is really cold when it’s cold and really hot when it’s hot. There’s no logical reason for living in a glass house, much less for wearing glass slippers. They really aren’t for running. They’re for fairy tales and for being carried across thresholds by charming Princes. They’re also for the really stupid who don’t realize that glass slippers are a health hazard. Guilty.

I’m nobody here. But, in the real world, I’m a boy trying his best to grow up without completely hurting himself. So, thank you, for welcoming me into your world and for listening awhile to the mindless nonsense that dribbled while using my glass slippers. But there's one thing you ought to know. I am bleeding right now. For my glass slippers were broken. We were running then instead of just walking. Now it hurts so bad.

We have our own glass slippers. We just have to figure out when to wear them.. and when it’s time to take them off.


  1. Yung glass slippers ko, may dugo na. Kasi pinansaksak ko sa karibal ko sa prinsipe. LOL.

  2. At least we see the real you with your glass slippers. No need to hide since it's already transparent. :)

    Happy New Year Caloy! I just found your blog. :)

  3. writing it makes you feel better... hope to hear more!

    nice page... thanks for visiting my site..

  4. @Carrie: dapat yung prinsipe na lang ang sinaksak mo. bitter lang. haha!

    @M.I.: But it's broken chief, I'd rather go barefoot this time. And oh, what do you mean by your username? Myocardial Infarction? (Sorry, the geek in me...) =)

    @Clipped Wings13: just a breather, I guess. Thanks as well!

  5. Get a new pair of slippers. It doesn't have to be made of glass this time.

    Welcome back.

  6. @Ryan: yes, i will. enough of the fairy tales and the charming ones. they're pathetic. hehehehe! thanks Ryan!

  7. try playing basketball with glass slippers. it's fab! :P